Tenant’s Payment Registration in PM Line

Tenants can pay their rent in the way that is most convenient for them: by bank transfer or online.

In the PMLine system, online payments are available by default. To use online payment for your PMLine, all you need to do is select your payment provider and make some simple settings. The next screen shows a list of payment providers that the PMLine system works with.

As you can see, Odoo works with a large list of payment providers. And once everything is set up, the tenants can pay the rent directly from the invoice you send them. Or they can go to their personal account on the PMLine tenant portal.

1. Payment Registration

When rent payments are received on an account, you need to register them. To register the payment on the invoice to which it relates, you must first find that invoice in the list. The easiest way to find the invoice you need is to go directly to it from the contract card by clicking on the smart button.

With the help of the "Register payment" button, you can record the payment made by the tenant. When you save it in the system, you will see that the status of the invoice has changed to "In payment".

To change the status to "paid" it is necessary to reconcile the bank statement as shown in the screenshots below.

When you have reconciled a bank transaction with a corresponding journal entry in the system, the status of the invoice has changed to "Paid".

2. Payment By Instalments

It is possible to register several payments on one invoice if the tenant pays the invoice in instalments and makes several bank transactions. In this case, the status of the invoice will be "Partially paid" until the sum of all the partial payments covers the amount of the invoice.

3. Work With Prepayment

Sometimes tenants make payments before invoices are created and sent. Or they even pay for several months in advance. In all cases, when we receive a payment to a bank account, we need to register this payment.

You can easily see an advance payment from the tenant in the partner settlements report named "Partner Ledger".

When the invoices for payment are created, the system will easily find the advance payments made by this customer and offer to allocate them to the correct invoice.

To do this, you should add the payment using the buttons in the bottom right corner of the invoice. If the tenant has prepaid several months in advance, then you will repeat this action every month and the system will deduct the required amount from the prepayment amount to pay the invoice, and the prepayment itself will decrease. And the balance can be easily checked at any time in the partner`s report.

In turn, tenants can easily check that their prepayment has been credited when they receive their invoice.

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