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Too often in Ontario, landlords find themselves overwhelmed with managing properties in accordance with the ever-changing requirements of tenants and the province. On top of catering to current or prospective tenant requests, keeping rent records, distributing utility costs, and filing legal documents, being a landlord becomes a full-time job. Without a system to set reminders and update them on past-due rent and yearly rent increases, landlords, especially those just starting out, risk losing additional funds. How can landlords balance rent tasks with their personal and professional lives?

That’s where PM Line comes in.

The PM Line system is designed for maintaining financial and accounting records for rent and managing lease processes. The system is intended for small and medium business segments.

Primary Functions

The PM Line system is currently divided into three main functional sections: Rent, Accounting, and Listing. A tenant portal is currently under development and is scheduled to be deployed in 2024. 

Rent Functionality

Rent is separated into practical modules and functions for accounting of rent objects, and filing process participants, as well as all work related to lease agreements. In the Leases module menu, we see the following sections: Properties, Partners, and Leases.

In the Properties section, both units and full properties are displayed. Here, owners can view them in lists, edit them, as well as create new rental objects

Partners Section

In the Partners section, all participants involved in the renting process are collected and grouped by their roles, including landlords, tenants and potential tenants (applicants, who have sent us their data for consideration but do not yet have signed leases). Here you can view lists or add new process participants.

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Lease Functionality

Leases, our largest section in terms of functionality stores all existing contracts — potential, active, and completed, and allows users to create new leases. Invoices are automatically generated based on the data provided in the lease and can be viewed alongside their performance status directly from the lease card. Further, the lease card displays utility bills and reports on mutual utility settlements for automatic viewing. In the Leases section, users can also control the rent increase and automatically form, change, and save the N1 Form.

Accounting Functionality

Accounting functions are separated into a separate modules and contain a complete set of tools for full-fledged accounting and reporting. These include Customers, Vendors, Invoises, Bills, Bank, Accounting Dashboard, Financial Reports (separated into Profit and Loss for each property/unit/lease; Cash Flow Statement; Balance Sheet; Partner Ledger; Executive Summary; Invoice analysis; and Tax Report) and other useful functions.

For accessibility and simplicity, PM Line system uses an Accounting system, which is used by more than 7 million users, making it much easier for users to combine it with the PM Line system. Listing in the PM Line system is integrated with FaceBook Marketplace, allowing for are automatic collection and processing of applicant data using surveys, as well as the automatic creation of applicant cards and CRM leads in the system based on completed applications. You will also be able to use those applications for screening candidates.

Look out for future articles to learn more about PM Line and each functionality as we grow together!

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